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A lighthouse beacon is a great addition to any structure, home or business.  An attention getter, a conversation starter, a JRC Fabricating Lighthouse Room is a beautiful way to top
off any building.

Advertise your business, make it a landmark on the road, light up your entrance, guide your customers in at night.  A custom lantern room is great way to invest in your business or property.

A beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location. Classically, beacons were fires lit at well-known locations on hills or high places.
In the 19th century this classic lighthouse form took shape.

We can custom design large authentic lantern rooms 6-8 feet in diameter that can be used for observation or lookout sitting rooms. A real throwback to the 19th century Great Lakes application when they were put on the roofs of the lighthouse keepers quarters and "not just another room."  If you have been in a historic lighthouse lantern you know the feeling.  Wow!

Today you can shine a light in your life with a beacon lighthouse room from JRC Fabricating.  Our artisans will create your light to
fit your vision and give you a beautiful new way for visitors to "follow the lighthouse beacon."

From Coast to Coast, Carolina to California, Maine to Oregon, 
Florida, New Jersey or Virginia, to the Great Lakes States, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Indiana,
Ontario, Canada or any where in the world.

You Will Love Your Lighthouse!

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